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The 20th meeting of the 11th regular session of the Second Pyithu Hluttaw  was held at the Pyithu Hluttaw building in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. During the meeting, a question and answer session was held, a motion was tabled, and a bill was approved.

Question and answer session

U Tun Wai of Phaungpyin constituency raised the first question, asking whether any instruction had been issued for arresting the accomplices of the  main suspects in drug-related crimes.

Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Maj-Gen Aung Thu replied that trafficking and sale of drugs is done secretly and systematically by gangs, and when the primary suspects are apprehended, their accomplices are sometimes arrested within a short time-frame. But, in some cases, investigation, surveillance, evidence, and confirmation are required, which results in more time required to arrest accomplices, he said.

“The law prescribes that accomplices to a crime have to be prosecuted in the same manner as the main suspect. As the Myanmar Police Force is arresting suspects and their accomplices in a timely manner, there is no requirement for separate instructions for apprehending accomplices,” said Deputy Minister Maj-Gen Aung Thu.

Greening project in Chauk

U Bo Gyi of Chauk constituency then asked about plans to extend the Shwebon Mountain reforestation program in Magway Region’s Chauk Township to support regional reforestation and provide jobs to locals.

Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Dr. Ye Myint Swe replied that a site survey was conducted to repair 3,000-gallon brick storage ponds, construct a 5,000-gallon brick storage pond, and lay pipelines along the outer rim of the area covered by program. Brick ponds in the main program area and along the inner rim will be connected with brick ponds along the outer rim with a 20,235 ft. long pipeline, he said. A pump is also required to pump the water to the main area. The K 96.92 million fund required to repair the three brick ponds, construct a new brick pond, lay pipeline, install a 200 KVA transformer and pump will be requested.

Once the fund is obtained the remaining 218.3 acres of land in the inner rim will be planted with 20,000 trees per year for five years totaling 100,000 trees, said the Deputy Minister.

Motion urging government to prioritize rule of law in towns and prevent crimes

Following the question and answer session, U Tin Htwe of Waw constituency explained and tabled a motion urging the government to prioritize rule of law in towns and prevent crimes.

Expanding the power of local police forces can help reduce crime rates in populated areas in towns, and the number of policemen in the battalions attached to police stations, said MP U Tin Htwe.

A system can be prepared based on the facts mentioned in the 2008 constitution, which also outlines such a system, he added. If such a system and management are put in place, the country can reach the goal of democracy sooner.

The motion was supported by U Sein Han of Kanma constituency.

As the Hluttaw agree to accept and discuss the motion after Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker obtained the decision of the Hluttaw, an announcement was accordingly made and the Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker announced further for Hluttaw representatives who want to discuss the motion to register their names.

Hluttaw approve a second bill amending Criminal Code

Afterwards Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker obtained the decision of the Hluttaw on a second bill amending Criminal Code approved and sent with amendments by Amyotha Hluttaw. As there was no objection an announcement was made of Hluttaw approving the bill as amended.

The 21st -day meeting of the eleventh regular session of the Second Pyithu Hluttaw is scheduled to be held on 6 March.

Reference: GNLM

March 5, 2019